Monday 21 October 2013

Rewind ~ Bridal gown hunt - Day 1

Day 1 ~ Let's look at the bridal shops I have visited. I hope it could be useful for those brides who are searching :)

Bridal shops:


Location: Puchong & SS2
Website: &
Why I chose to visit: Less popular compared to other bridal shops - was hoping to find a different/unique gown. Also, had positive reviews on their honesty. 

Experience: They gave me a good head start in finding my wedding gown, as this is the first shop I've visited. They have lots of new gowns, with their in-house designer working on new designs almost every month. Pricing is reasonable, no haggling required - what you pay is what you get. One of the few honest bridal shops I come across in terms of sales & products. Would have booked them, but couldn't find any dress that I truly love.
Contact: Katherine (+6 012 327 5366) / email:

*photo taking is allowed in bridal shop*

  • Victoria Wedding Gallery
Location: SS2
Why I chose to visit: Recommended by my cousin

Experience: Overall, it was just OK for me. The gowns are pretty dated (in my opinion). One of the owner didn't allow me to try on more than 3 gowns, unless I sign up a package with them - they were conversing in Chinese, expecting I couldn't understand the language. We didn't get much attention from this particular one owner, because we were looking to just rent a gown. Honestly, I've seen better bridal photography, I guess Abbey is overrated - just my opinion. I've read many positive reviews on this shop, probably I would be treated differently if I was looking to sign-up a deal with them?

*photo taking is NOT allowed in bridal shop*

  • Wedding Isle
Location: Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 12
Why I chose to visit: Recommended by my cousin

Experience: Found a potential dress I loved, but they wouldn't alter the length of the dress. The gown rental price was very affordable, out of the many I've tried, I almost booked one of it, but because it was my first day shopping, I wanted to see more choices. I came out of the shop happy, because I found a dress that I would return to book, and am pleased with their personalized services. However, they have very limited evening wear, and for this, they suggested Marry Merry. Their package is pretty standard, haggling could work.

*photo taking is allowed in bridal shop*

Location: 3 Two Square, Seksyen 19
Why I chose to visit: Looking for a bargain

Experience: You can find everything here, from invitation cards, car rental, Chinese tea pot sets, bridal shoes, florist contact etc. Bear in mind that the gowns here are marked down/stock clearance from Pretty in White & That Special Occasion. Unfortunately, I didn't find my gown here :(

My mum & I were pretty exhausted after a whole day of wedding gown shopping, but it was a great experience for both of us.

*photo taking is NOT allowed in bridal shop*

-to be continued Day 2~


  1. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck.

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