Friday 13 December 2013

Rewind ~ Bridal gown hunt - Day 2

Day 2 ~ Take a read on my opinions about the bridal shops that I have visited. I hope it could be useful for those brides who are searching :)

Bridal shops:


Location: Desa Sri Hartamas
Why I chose to visit: To get consultation from designer on the type of dress which is suitable for my body shape.

My Experience: Kris Wong, the owner was very relaxed and attentive to my body concerns, so he sketched up some designs, which I liked very much of course, but the cost of the gown design that I chose is way above our budget. We viewed some of his existing bridal and evening gowns, and we found that his workmanship is exquisite, especially the cheongsam! Nonetheless, I decided then that, this would be my last resort if I couldn't find my gown in any bridal shops. His consultation time with you is strictly based on appointments only, so please call up to make an appointment with him and not show up impromptu (his door bell rang in the middle of our discussion, he just ignored it and said, that person doesn't have an appointment. LOL) 

*photo taking is NOT allowed in bridal shop*


  • Tom Collection
Location: SS2
Why I chose to visit: Good reviews on gown selections

Experience: The sales assistant was kind enough to accommodate some time for us without making a prior appointment. Very good service upon arrival - tea was served, books of photographs were shown and sales person explained package etc. The interior of the shop is really unique - Balinese feel. The sales person is really pretty too. She took us upstairs to view the gowns, but they have a separation selection of gowns - VVIP, VIP etc. She had a hard time recommending gowns to me, and insisted me to try on whichever gowns that I liked. I tried 5 gowns in total, it was just OK - very common in my opinion. The material & quality of all the gowns I tried on, feels like it has been worn and altered a million times, and I was turn off by it. But their service is almost impeccable, not sure about the after sales service though.

*photo taking is NOT allowed in bridal shop*


Location: SS2
Why I chose to visit:  Curiosity 

Experience: Good service upon arrival - we were warmly welcomed, seated and water was served, books of photographs were shown. They took the time to understand my requirement of the wedding gown. Loved the changing room - spacious and furnished with cushy carpets. Really liked 2 of the gowns that I tried, but they didn't screamed "THAT'S THE ONE!!" to my face, so I didn't make any bookings here. Limited choice of wedding boleros and short tail evening gowns. They do provide custom made services here, but I didn't inquire about it. Valerie is also a shoe designer, thus you may custom make your shoes here.

*photo taking is NOT allowed in bridal shop*

-to be continued Day 3~

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